WIP update


I’ve finally updated libgdx to version 0.9.9, I didn’t want to do it earlier as I did some modifications on the C source files, and the directions to replicate these modifications were not very clear (was a few months ago and I lost my notes or never wrote them).

I’ve cleaned up all this, made a good tutorial for me to remember, compiled everything and it seems good for now.

This new version brings support for Intel processors on Android. So it could be interesting to support them, even if I don’t know if these processors are really in use at the moment (but genymotion now simulates them as default)


Alien Blitz

Alien Blitz should be updated soon, some small bug corrections and backports from its spin-off. It will also include new libgdx version with intel processor support.


Alien Blitz spin-off (temporary name)

Things are going pretty well, most of the gameplay is now implemented :

  • Turrets
  • Weapons
  • Shop & upgrades
  • Ammos
  • Money & money drops
  • Score
  • Combo
  • Heroes

It seems pretty good so far, of course a lot of (less funny) stuff remain to do (menu, progression saving, dlc,…) and there is only one test level; but there’s no blocking point at the moment.

I have not tested it on Android yet; because of the high number of particles/enemies, there might be some lag, so I might have to spend some time optimizing things.

Here are some progression screen shots from this week :

Began working on UI, score and money
Capture d'écran - 17122013 - 14:17:27

Added wave preview (top), combo and more buttons
Capture d'écran - 18122013 - 00:02:02

Added information messages and player death
Capture d'écran - 19122013 - 01:28:12

Just a traditional fight
Capture d'écran - 19122013 - 16:08:36

Added the shop menu
Capture d'écran - 19122013 - 19:53:24

Boss fight & specials & less money on the ground
Capture d'écran - 20122013 - 14:11:55

Added medals
Capture d'écran - 20122013 - 20:07:43


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