Prototype : Alien Blitz spin-off

I’m currently working on the prototype for Alien Blitz spin-off

As a reminder this spin-off will be based on Alien Blitz gameplay + tower defense elements :

  • Waves of enemies
  • Something to defend (the teleporter)
  • Buying and placing turrets to protect the teleporter
  • Enemies drop money (with combo system)
  • In-game upgrades for weapons/turrets
  • Best score online tracking
  • Hero system to unlock through story mode

Everything is working quite nicely so far, game design is ok, and the prototype is moving smoothly.

Here are a few screenshots

Early screenshot, enemies attacking the teleporter (their main target):
Capture d'écran - 11122013 - 23:23:40

More advanced screenshot, enemies will attack player if on sight, turrets if they attacked them, and teleporter if nothing else to do :
Capture d'écran - 12122013 - 14:20:04

Placing turrets to protect teleporter could be a strategy (currently turret can overlap, it will not be possible later) :
Capture d'écran - 12122013 - 15:02:26

I think most of the gameplay will be ready within 2 weeks (of work, not counting days off), and then the rest will take a few weeks (UI, menus, release scripts, in-app-purchase, level design,…). So basically I think it will be something like 1-2 months of work, but as I have some other plans it might take longer than that for the actual (beta) release.

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