Alien Blitz update : new checkpoint window

Alien Blitz has been updated, v 1.0b1096

    • New checkpoint window : a lot less intrusive, will just display a popup on top right, click the popup to activate checkpoint (or press start button on controller). The popup will immediately disappear when moving.
    • [bug] Corrected bug when transferring checkpoint (was still using money)
    • [bug] When manually locking a target (clicking it) just click it again to unlock it (since there is no auto lock button anymore)
    • [bug] bad completion % & time displayed in map details
    • [bug] random error when exiting

Capture d'écran - 06122013 - 12:39:49

I’ve decided to change the way checkpoints work as it was quite boring (and long) to open the window. It’s a lot better now, the only thing that could be bothering players is the menu, but it isn’t meant to be too much used, so it doesn’t really matter.

I will now begin forking Alien Blitz to work on its spin-off. I’ve also began playing with LibGdx 3D API, it’s quite new and not well documented (yet), but it seems interesting, and easy to use. Not sure I will use it right now, but could be interesting for future games.

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