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Some uncategorized/random news 🙂


Some nice progress have been made, sadly we are kinda changing a lot of the gameplay every time we have a meeting, so development is quite chaotic. And we are seriously laking a graphic designer.

I doubt this game will ever be finished at this point, so I am beginning to consider working on something else. The main problem being I am the only one working full time on it, which make things hard (and I won’t be full time after February anymore). But I will be able to reuse stuffs I have developed for other projects, so everything is not “lost”.

Alien Blitz

I am currently working on rewriting the menus of Alien Blitz, I am reusing the UI framework I developed for ScanWars. This will make menus a lot nicer (lots of animations, use of some touch events,…) and I will be able to add more information/update UI a lot more easily.

Basically the UI is written in JavaScript/HTML/CSS, and it will call Java to get/update information. I won’t port this new UI to the desktop version, it will be only for Alien Blitz.

Other projects I have in mind / will work on

  • A space exploration game
    • Mobile only (maybe also browser later)
    • Inspired by games I loved : Space Trader (palmOS) / Eve online / FTL / SPAZ
    • Multiplayer content (no real time interactions, but you will visit/attack other players, actions you do have an impact on the whole universe for all players,…)
    • Multiple jobs : merchant, miner & fighter
    • Customization : big ships choice, and lots of upgrades (weapons, mining lasers, cargo space,…)
    • Good (fight pirates,…) or evil choices (buy/sell narcotics/weapons, mine in forbidden areas, fight merchants,…)
    • Long (solo) main quest, lots of side quests
    • Will reuse ScanWars code (server & client side)
    • F2P : with an online shop (misc stuffs, maybe DLC)
  • A “snake” game
    • Mobile only
    • Inspired by Kleum for Windows & Kleum
    • Solo game, lots of levels (100+ I hope)
    • Puzzle/exploration style
    • Score sharing, best score,…
    • Weekly/monthly new levels
    • Will reuse AlienBlitz engine & resources
    • F2P : with an online shop (new maps or map packs)
  • A strategy game
    • PC only (maybe mobile latter)
    • Mixed between settlers/dungeon keeper/…
    • Lots of RPG elements (quests, huge adventure, lots of magic…)
    • I have a friend working on the background, there is a very nice story/world so far. It could lead to a lot of other game later on

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