Alien Blitz : MOGA controller

The MOGA team has kindly sent me three (!) of their controllers, I’ve just received them a few hours ago.

Basically it’s a controller made for mobile devices, available on iOs and Android. They contacted me to ask if I wanted a controller, and sent it directly to me without asking anything in exchange, it’s very nice of them.

As the PC version of Alien Blitz already supports controllers, and as the MOGA SDK is very easy to use, I have been able to add support for MOGA controllers on Alien Blitz in only a few hours.
The only problems I had was not because of MOGA, but because my phone (wiko cink peax) has some serious issues with bluetooth, and I haven’t been able to sync it with the controller (my phone desync after a few seconds). It’s not MOGA’s fault, it’s really my phone (it does the same with my car radio). And I can’t use too much my nexus 7 to develop as the usb connector is screwed up (it sometimes crashes the nexus or the computer’s usb port, bad wiring I guess)

That being said, I can test quite easily with my sony xperia ray, everything works on this one.

2013-11-27 15.05.18

I have just finished my first successful build, I still have a few tweaks to work on (preventing screen auto-lock and adding support in the menus) but everything else seems to work flawlessly.

So MOGA support will be officially available with the upcoming update (still planned for the end of the week, or next week)!

If any other company want to send me their controllers, they are welcome to do so 🙂 I will add support for them, it should be quite easy as I’ve cleaned up the code for it.

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