Alien Blitz: build ready, testing, & spin-off

Build ready -> testing

The first build, for the upcoming update, is ready; I will now begin testing it.
It means no new features will be added, I will just correct bugs and glitches. I don’t know yet if I will test the full game, or just play a few key levels, depends on my motivation ^^ (and if there’s anything good on twitch to watch while testing) (the gameplay didn’t change that much, so there shouldn’t be any bug there)


As soon as Alien Blitz is released I will focus on a small game (I guess < 1-2 month dev) that will reuse a lot of Alien Blitz content.

It will continue events occurring at the end of Alien Blitz (good ending), the current storyline won’t continue that much, that’s why it might be considered more like a spin-off than an actual Alien Blitz 2.

This new game will reuse most of Alien Blitz content (sprites, music, sounds, monsters, weapons) but it will be a mix between a shooter and a dungeon defense game (new levels, arena-like, new progression system).

After Alien Blitz a team is built to go to the Alien homeworld and destroy them; ~10 mecha soldiers are sent through space thanks to the Alien ship recovered at the end of Alien Blitz. But during their journey to the Alien homeworld they are attacked and all the soldiers are made prisoners, except one

You will play a hero (defined weapon set and characteristics, multiple heroes to unlock) who must fight its way through arenas (spaceships) to save his friends. Each arena will feature waves of monsters, killing monsters will increase combo, and give money. With the money you get you can buy a few stuffs (while playing):

  • Health
  • Ammos
  • Turrets to be placed on the ground
  • Upgrades for the player, its weapons or its turrets

You will have to kill all monsters, and protect the teleporter you used to come to the arena. If you die or the teleporter is destroyed, the game ends.

It will feature multiple “worlds”, each world containing multiple arenas, and one hero to save. Best scores (per hero) will be saved and a leaderboard will be provided.

The game will be F2P, with around 4-5 worlds (5-10 arenas per world I think). And you will be able to buy DLC, each DLC will include 1 new world + 1 new hero. The full storyline can be played for free, but the DLC will provide more content.

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