September news

I have been working a lot lately, but couldn’t post that much as there’s nothing nice to show yet, here’s a quick summary 🙂

Scan Wars

I’ve been mainly focusing on Scan Wars lately, the next game I am working on with some friends. Made very good progress and I now have a great toolbox for mobile games/UI that I could reuse.

There is almost no graphics yet (only placeholders), so I can’t post any screenshots, but I hope I will be able soon. The public beta should also be available within next weeks.

It’s a multiplayer mobile game (Android/iOS) inspired by pokemon, it will be F2P (with some in-app-purchase)


Nothing done or planned on Snorms, I got pretty much zero success with press releases, and only one bundle creator answered me. So I don’t really know what to do now, I might continue trying or just give up (it’s working ok so there’s nothing to develop anyway, I would just give up on trying to contact press for now).

I might make a post about it, but basically I guess the main reason of the failure is that even if Snorms is a fun game to play it lakes good graphics (going isometric was a bad idea it limits a lot possibilities, I should have gone fully 3d, or fully 2d like Alien Blitz), and there’s nothing “new” about it that could help promotion.
Of course if I was better with marketing stuff it could have helped me and I could have made some money out of it. But the main problem is the game itself, it doesn’t stand out the thousands of indie games produced every year. I guess it is ok for a first game, we learn from our mistakes 🙂

Alien Blitz

During this month I will make some updates to Alien Blitz, mainly to make it more mobile friendly:

  • I will reuse the UI framework I made for Scan Wars, it’s basically a Javascript/HTML/CSS framework very easy to use. It will make creating UI screens a lot easier and nicer.
  • I am thinking on adding a new difficulty setting “insane” a lot harder than everything you have seen before
  • I might also add some “fun stuff”: destructible walls, quick reload, infinite ammos,… they will not allow you to complete levels (they won’t unlock next levels) and they will not give any experience, it’s just some fun stuffs to play with that will be unlocked when completing some achievements
  • I will try to add some sort of “fog of war”: undiscovered areas will be fully opaque, I don’t know if it will render nicely or is even useful, it’s just something to try out
  • I will also add some shortcuts to go to my store page and rate my game

Snake game (no title yet)

I don’t know if I will really work on this, but I am thinking on doing an advanced snake game that will reuse a lot of Alien Blitz stuffs (meaning there will be complicated levels/puzzle, with keys, buttons and such).

It would be very touch screen friendly (almost no control on screen) and with lots of cool stuff in it. It shouldn’t be much work technically as the prototype for my game engine was actually a snake game, so I will reuse lot of this old work.

I think this game will be completely free (the complete main story), with something like 30-50 levels included, but with in-app-purchase you could get some DLC (level packs).
And if I can make it I would love to add a “one level a day” challenge: one new level to download every day, everyone can play and high scores are saved (launch day high scores, and all time high score). It would be some simple levels, partially randomly generated.

Secret game

I am currently planning another game with some friends (currently one graphic designer and one story writer/game designer) , it’s just a plan at the moment, but it could become reality in the future.

Basically it would use an advanced version of my current engine (fully 3d) and it will be a strategy game (inspired by dungeon keeper/settlers) with an heavy RPG background (really well written story, quests, NPC, magical stuff,…). It’s planned for PC/Mac, but might also be available (simplified) on mobile.

I’m pretty sure I will work on it (99% sure) but it’s quite a lot of work and I already have some work-in-progress, so there might be some delay. I might also try to do a crowdfunding campaign in order to have some money to be able to work on it.

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