Random news: game arts, application framework

This website isn’t dead, here’s a quick summary of what’s going on

Snorms/Alien Blitz

No new bugs have been reported, the patch for the mac version has not yet been accepted on Desura, I think as it is not linked to the Desura App (which doesn’t exist on mac) the staff  “forget” to accept the patch… I have to do a small update on all versions, so it will be accepted when this update is ready I think.

I will work on some small stuffs such as a creating a title screen (possibly animated), and working on some game arts (game title, box cover,…) before trying to reach new distributors. Current game arts are just screenshots and the title is a simple text with a specific font, nothing fancy, so I want to make all this more appealing.

New game

I am working on the new game at the moment, there’s not that much to show yet. I am currently developing a framework to :

  • Create application in Javascript, as if you were developing in c#/java/… So it’s of course HTML based, but you don’t need to know HTML to create the UI and such. SASS/CSS is needed to apply a theme but that’s all.
  • Provide a RPC protocol between Javascript & PHP, working on Android (with local html), iOs (same) & browser (on the remote server)

I am thinking of making the framework open source, under an Apache license, not sure yet, it will mainly depends if it is working correctly.

The framework itself is almost ready, the UI part works ok and the first RPC message was successfully delivered a few hours ago, so I will be able to work on game specific code.

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