Quick update for mac version, 1000th build

Snorms has been updated on mac, version 2.0b1002 :

  • [corrected] the game could not be launched
  • [update] changed halo color around sprite

It has been uploaded on IGS and is now available, it has also been uploaded on Desura and should be available sson

I completely forgot to test mac release last time, this is the first time it happened and the first time I made a change that could crash on mac bad luck…

The halo color around items has also changed, it is a little darker. This change is already available on Android but it’s not available on PC (Windows/linux) yet, I will wait for a bigger update to include it.
I’ve also reached the build number 1000 ! Which brought some problems with the maven plugin I am using, that’s why there is no 1000 or 1001 release.
It’s been a long time since first release….

Capture-www.snorms.com-kleum-dev-daily-20110927-test.html - Chromium

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