Good ending, new help screens, items visibility, future updates

Updated Snorms & Alien Blitz (b986+):

  • [update] added good ending when you reach 100% completion (any difficulty level)
  • [update]┬áchanged most of the transition screens: better quality, new images, typos,…
  • [update]┬áchanged help screens and help texts
  • [update] updated first levels in order to help player a little more
  • [update] added halo around items and monsters, so that they are more visible
  • [update] added different effects on barrel explosion
  • [update] increased text size when losing life or picking up items
  • [update] changed some sprites for better understanding of their content (money box, weapon box,…)
  • [update]┬áreduced loading time on Android
  • [update] removed unused sounds
  • [update] udpated the level editor help (triggered by pressing F1 key, or manually browsing to the PDF location)
  • [corrected] achievement popup is sometimes misaligned on Android


  • [corrected] high video memory usage
  • [corrected] bad door placement in e01m05

Capture du 2013-06-15 14:33:24

Alien Blitz has been uploaded on Google Play Store & this website
Snorms will be uploaded on Desura & IGS soon (just need a little more testing)

I’ve mostly done some aesthetic changes, and improved “story” in this update.
I don’t plan on updating the game anymore now, except for bug fixes and small aesthetic changes like these ones. Technically the game is working pretty well, and I can focus on other things such as the new Android/iOS game I am working on with some friends.

The only major updates that could potentially happen are:

  • Multiplayer, but I don’t plan on adding multiplayer support except if I have enough players (if I get accepted on Steam or on another major distribution service)
  • 3d support, I want to try the new 3D api of Libgdx, if it works nicely I might work on switching to full 3d.
  • iOs port, I have to try RoboVM and see the results, I already know Xamarin works, but it costs too much.

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