New main menu, debug mode & misc stuff

Snorms (& Alien Blitz) have been updated (b942-b945):

  • Add: new main menu, simplified, less buttons, less information
  • Add: (Alien Blitz) new background for menus
  • Add: debug mode is now available (debug must be set to ‘true’ in the snorms.conf file, will also work on android, but the device need to be rooted in order to edit this file), this mode is just for debugging, a lot of things may lead to unknown behaviors
  • Add: new player sprites for top view, adapted from the isometric view
  • Add: new sprites for some monsters in top view, so that they can more easily be seen
  • Correct: (Alien Blitz) sound effect volume is lowered

Capture du 2013-05-28 17:31:26

Alien Blitz has been uploaded and should be available soon
Snorms will be uploaded within 24h (it is a lot more complicated) and will be awaiting validation after.

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