Alien Blitz has been updated: better support for low resolution

I’ve updated the Alien Blitz apk (b917):

  • (add) Support for resolution < 800px, view will be shrunk
  • (add) Added better control of zoom & controller size
  • (add) View can now be shrunk even on higher resolution, you will see more far but will loose details

Support for resolution < 800px is not an “official” feature, it is available only as apk download (not on Google Play) as I don’t have any control on the screen resolution outside Google Play (when I give the game to people for example). It is just a way to make the game “playable” but it’s not perfect, and as I don’t have a small screen/low dpi device I can’t test it that much (that’s why it’s not official feature)

This update is not available on Google Play yet, as there is not enough new things in it.

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