The PC version is now almost complete:

  • Added controller setup and rewrote most of the options screens
  • Added top/isometric view selection
  • Corrected lots of bugs, too many to be listed
  • Changed the way levels are displayed, now the full level will be visible, but unexplored parts are darker than explored ones, and you can’t see items/monsters in unexplored parts
  • Wrote a page to download the APK (from generated keys or Desura, like Humble Bundle do) as it’s not possible to give keys for apps on Google Play Store
  • Updated release script, to include libgdx and other misc stuffs

Capture du 2013-04-09 23:53:08

I am currently doing a full run of the PC version, mainly the Isometric levels, as I have already tested the top view levels for the Android version. I have finished testing episode 1, and am now working on episode 2.

Everything is going quite smoothly, and this time I am testing mainly on Windows, as I already know Linux works fine. I might be able to test on Mac soon, I’ll also see if I can easily build a dmg file.

The game is a lot more stable and smooth on PC than before, mainly thanks to all the work I had to do for the Android version. It’s now fully playable on my netbook (both isometric and top views).

What remains before final release (Snorms/Alien Blitz/PC/Mac/Android):

  • Test episodes 2 & 3 isometric PC (windows)
  • Test mac release
  • Casual tests top view/nightmare mode/…
  • Casual tests on Android
  • New trailer video (with all versions visible in it)
  • Prepare press releases
  • Deploy on Desura, make a news
  • Publish full version on Google Play Store
  • Promote….

What remains is mostly non-technical stuffs, which in my opinion are very boring, I don’t really know when all this will be finished, could be next week, or later…

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