Test successful

I’ve finished all tests, and made a lot of small changes on maps, balance and such… So PC version and Android full version are now ready to publish. I will now be working on side-stuffs (videos, press release,…) before release.

And I should get a mini-mac next week, so I will be able to finish mac release, and then I will make all this public !

Capture du 2013-04-10 01:31:30

I’m now considering Snorms and Alien Blitz completed (except for bug fixes and minor updates). Snorms is my first public game, and Alien Blitz my first Android game, so I’m very pleased that all this is now completed.

The development was quite chaotic as I had to find a job during development in order to get a little more money (it stopped development for almost a year), I changed my mind a lot of times (which I think is ok for a first game) and refactored the engine a lot. But I’m now pleased with the result, balance is ok, no more glitches, and no critical bugs at all during tests. Except for some optional features (multiplayer,…) all I wanted to implement is now there (achievements, top view,…), which means I can peacefully consider working on another game.

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