Snorms 2.0 / Alien Blitz build 890+

Snorms & Alien Blitz have been updated:

  • (PC/Mac) Fix (minor): error while configuring keyboard
  • (PC/Mac) Fix (minor): Vsync incorrect on some systems
  • (PC/Mac) Fix (minor): Bad window title displayed
  • (PC/Mac) Reverted to old camera, as the new one might increase tearing and is useless on PC (big screen size)
  • (Android) Fix (minor): exiting game while loading a level (and relaunching it)
  • Fix (minor): Forbid removing all weapons from weapon screen
  • Fix (medium): player could get stuck into a wall
  • Display Power Up/Down name when picking it up
  • Updated automatic error reporting tool, in order to include game version & platform

The games have been uploaded on Google Play Store & Desura, they will be available shortly.

I have corrected the errors found this week, there wasn’t that much, but I got some problems reading some automatic bug reports (anonymous, sent whenever the game crashes on PC/Android), as the build number/platform were not specified, and due to obfuscation the file name are not the same on each build/platform.

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