Quick update: tearing, maps and new game

Hello everyone,

I slowed down work lately, I had a bad injury on my hand that forced me to stop using computer for some time. That was quite a good thing as it forced me to take a rest away from computer ^^ But now I’m back in business !


I noticed I made a mistake on last release, and so the tearing problem should still be there, it’s now corrected and working nicely, I will re-release it next week end (I try not to build more than one release per week) maybe with some other stuff (such as easily reseting save games)


I’m currently working on a 5-maps pack, that I could give as a gift for special events, they won’t be included in regular builds. It’s good to do some maps again, it was a long time and I quite enjoy it.

New game

I’m also working on the Game Design Document for a new game that I’m working on with some friends. GDD is almost done, and development should begin soon. I will not speak that much about this game as I don’t want to spoil everything, but it will be a f2p casual game for mobiles and browser (mainly mobiles)

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