Personal feedbacks from the last release

Hello everyone,

Last days have been very stressful for me, when you work alone on a project, you can’t rely on someone else to make sure release is okay, that nothing was forgotten, etc… and you spend 100% of your time wondering what could have been forgotten and if the game will really please people.

And I tend not to trust friends/family when we are talking about my game, not that they would lie, but they might tend to embellish things, or not be very honest/frank.
So when a total stranger tells me he likes my game it really cheers me up, and I received quite a lot of comments like that lately, so even if I am stressed, I am quite happy ^^
Of course there are also people that will just be mean and say horrible things without arguing, haters are everywhere, it’s hard to not think about them, but it’s just the best thing to do.

As for promotion, I did just small things yet, I did not contact any game-news website yet, as I want to make sure the game is bug-free. So far it’s good, I just stumbled on a random/rare bug where the player could get stuck inside a wall, I’ve already corrected it, but I’m waiting to see if there is nothing else to be corrected before patching.


Greenlight feedbacks are pretty good, I have no idea how games are selected there so I have no idea if I could ever be selected, I know it can take months or just never happen. I’m quite pessimistic by nature, so I doubt I could get there, but… prove me wrong people ^^

Also, I made a promise on Greenlight, if I ever get selected I will add multiplayer to Snorms. It’s a good motivation for me because from a developer point of view it’s very interesting, and I had to work on some big network related stuffs in the past (for personal or professional projects) so I know quite a lot of things about that.
The networking part is not a problem in fact, the main issue will be to rewrite some engines stuffs that are not 100% network-compliant, I began working on that some months ago (it’s even visible in the actual release, there’s some unused files scattered around) but I would have to continue working on it.
From game-design point of view I have found solutions for the main problems concerning experience and weapons level, and I have some good ideas on ranking system, I will continue thinking about that, but there’s no blocking points there.


For now Snorms/Alien Blitz code is frozen, I won’t change anything except for bug fixes, as I am alone on this project I can’t afford to work on two branches at the same time.

In the meantime I will start thinking/working on the next game I want to work on, this one will be completely different: it will be for browser/phones only, a lot more casual, and I will not be alone on this project. I will still be the only developer (except for some random helps from friends maybe) and the main game-designer, but I also have friends to help me: one community manager, one musician/sound designer, and one or two graphic designer. And all of them giving ideas and helping for game design. Not having to do the promotion on this game will be a relief for me.

That’s all for today ^^ We have a beautiful sunny afternoon here, I will try to get some fresh air ^^

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