Full version first test run successful

Alien Blitz has been updated (but not yet uploaded)

  • Added some arrows around the screen to notify player when an outbound monster is shooting or locked
  • Added a visual indication of the ammo left under the weapon name
  • Corrected auto shooting when exiting a menu
  • Grenades now bounce a lot less, and they can be shoot quicker
  • Reduced ammo consumption of bouncing laser gun
  • Increased spreading of double shotgun, and increased its reload time
  • Fire boss will shoot less napalm & particles on Android (could cause lag issues)
  • Corrected miscellaneous bugs in maps of episodes 2 & 3

I’ve successfully did a full run of episodes 2 & 3 on my Nexus 7, I’ve corrected some balance issues especially with high level weapons. I had some very small lags on the second boss and final boss, so I removed some particles and effects. It’s now ok on my Nexus 7, still a bit laggy on my single core phone, but it’s playable.

I will now some more testing, especially on my single-core phone, and will continue working on some side stuffs (downloading apk for desura,…)

Capture du 2013-04-03 14:44:51

I’ve also worked on the PC (isometric) version, lots of small corrections, things that were not working anymore due to Android ports. And I’ve also changed the way walls are displayed: walls around & above player will now fade to see more clearly.

The new player sprite is also working quite nicely.

I now have to continue correcting bugs, improving performance, and add/finish missing features (top view, options, controller support,…).

My plan is to release both PC and full Android version at the same time, asap.

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