Optimizations, bug report, effects

Alien Blitz has been updated:

  • A bug report is automatically sent if an error is encountered, it is fully anonymous and only contains the Java stack trace, no personal information (as the game does not have permission to collect personal information, it can’t get them anyway)
  • Added credits button in the Options screen
  • Added an effect when picking up objects, you will see object going from the ground to the corresponding UI element (top right or top left corner)
  • Reduced loading time, sprites are now loaded quicker
  • Reduced loading time for most of the images (was still using some temporary test code from start of the Android port process)
  • Bullets now have a specific sprite, it should slightly increase performance (it’s usually quicker to draw an image than a line on OpenGL)
  • Performance boost on low specs phone
  • Corrected a bug with bad texture being displayed

Capture du 2013-03-01 18:37:39

It seems the flickering problems on AMOLED screens are almost fixed, it’s not perfect, but it’s better. I will try to finish correction if I can get a faulty phone someday.

There has been a nice performance boost, the game is a lot more playable on my phone, I did that by manually inlining some getter functions (most of the time inlining is done by the JVM at runtime, or by ProGuard).

I’ve finally managed to get around problems on my fanless old computer, Windows XP was working quite fine on it, but for some reasons LibGdx crashes the JVM when creating a PixMap, maybe because of some faulty video drivers, not sure though. So I finally re-installed an old Lubuntu version (10.04), and used sshfs to get around my smbfs problems. It seems to work now, but it’s not that simple to work on a 3 years old distribution, as a reminder there is a huge performance drop on this computer when using 12.04 version, with my game and even on the simple glxgears program (from 350fps to 5fps). Sadly this computer does not emulate well a phone, the CPU seems better, but the GPU is worst, so I end up having low framerate mainly because of rendering, which is not always the case on an Android device.

I will now continue working on improving performance, adding more visual effects and I will also add achievements. Then I hope the game will be ready to be published on Google Play.

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