More device tests and some updates

More updates (unpublished yet):

  • Corrected balance (improved a bit weapons, lowered some enemies health and changed explosion radius of some player & monster weapons)
  • Corrected a few graphical glitches
  • Improved memory usage and performance
  • Updated AdMob SDK, there was some issues when loosing network connection

Capture du 2013-03-09 01:56:54

I’ve been able to test Alien Blitz on a Galaxy tab 2 today, it’s running smoothly but the screen height was somewhat smaller than other devices (20-30 pixels less than Nexus 7 I think), so I changed a few graphical things (no logo displayed in menus, it is now displayed during loading) and it should be ok now.
I’ve also been able to test another time the Xperia S, performance is now perfect on it.

I guess Alien Blitz should run smoothly on any multi-core devices, and might run correctly on some mono-core devices (depends on CPU and hardware acceleration). I didn’t have a chance to test Android Gingerbread yet, so I have no idea whether it works or not.

I changed a few things to improve memory usage (I was getting some unwanted garbage collectors), it’s better now but sadly it means I have to re-run the tests. Well it is not so bad as I didn’t fully finish testing episode 1 after last modifications.

So this week end I will continue testing and making corrections,  hopefully on Monday I will be able to publish Alien Blitz on Google Play.

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