Isometric on Android ? maybe…

I have been working on fixing issues with Isometric mode lately, in order to be able to publish a new PC version of Snorms (with reviewed maps/gameplay, top-view option, controller support and optimizations). I know isometric is still working in the engine as the level editor has always been isometric, but I have some issues with Snorms. And of course I will have to draw a new main character.

But I have corrected some issues, enough to do a small test:

2013-03-14 18.44.08

I tried the isometric mode on my nexus 7, as I was expecting without any optimizations it takes quite a lot of time for the tiles to build (you can still play while they are building, but it’s just black everywhere) and once they are built I get around 5 fps.

So maybe it could be possible to achieve a stable 30 fps on this device, I’m not sure yet, but I think it could work. I will at least give it a try.

Of course if I do that there will be some limitations, for example I think it won’t be possible to enable isometric mode for devices with less than 3 cores (1 for game engine, 1 for rendering, and 1 for building tiles <=> pre-rendering), and even if there are 3 cores, there could be high lag on lots of devices, so it won’t be a “key-feature”, just an option, disabled by default.

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