Alien Blitz misc updates

Misc updates:

  • Zoom is now set to maximum in menus, zooming is only applied while in-game
  • Zoom must now be changed in the in-game menu
  • Reviewed weapon screen, it can now be scrolled by “flinging” finger top or down
  • Reviewed in-game menu, an option screen is now there
  • Changed font, I am now using Bitstream Vera Sans Mono for most of the characters
  • Added some more game references
  • Improved performance
  • Some graphical glitches corrected

I tried to implement zooming with fingers today, it works quite nicely but I am afraid it could be triggered in unwanted places by mistakes (for example if you have a finger on the move stick and the other one taping the screen to lock a monster). I guess it could be possible to correct these bad behaviors, but it would require too much work for such a small feature.

Performance is better, I doubt it is enough for my phone, but I am getting closer to “success”. I will try to perform some more optimizations within next days. It’s still “perfect” on my tablet, problem really comes from low specs device.

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