Alien blitz build 726 (Optimizations, bug fixes)

Alien Blitz build 726 has been published

  • New lighting engine
  • Optimized loading time and cache rendering
  • Lots of fixes

Capture du 2013-03-11 18-20-56

I’ve uploaded a new build of Alien Blitz, I rewrote most of the lighting engine, in order to speed up loading. Level loading is now a lot quicker, lighting now seems different, it is somehow more desaturated, it’s not bad, it’s different (instead of performing bit operation on each pixels, I now just render lights using semi-transparent filled rectangles, which is a lot quicker as memory manipulation is quite slow on Android devices).

I have been able to finish the episode 1 on my phone, there are some lags sometimes (usually when lots of monsters are awaken), but it’s playable. Considering this phone is quite slow and not really meant for gaming, I think it should be enough.

I’ve also corrected lots of small things: levels, sprites positioning, small bugs,….

I think the game can now be published on Google Play, more updates soon. And after that I will slowly communicate about it, and take some days off 🙂

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