Alien Blitz beta ended, full version soon

Alien Blitz has been updated:

  • Corrupted save detection: if the save file is corrupted, it will be erased (as nothing can be done about it)
  • Added more exception trapping, in order to be sure I get a bug report in case of error
  • Best times are now saved for each map, 4 categories : “Any %”, “100 %”, “Nightmare Any %”, “Nightmare 100 %”
  • Added some more references and their corresponding achievements, there are now 100 achievements in the game
  • Moved some achievements from episode 1 to episodes 2 or 3
  • Uzi will now shoot a little quicker than before
  • Shotgun has been slightly nerfed (reload time / damage)
  • Renamed current beta version to “Alien Blitz free”, removed beta screen warning
  • Full version is called “Alien Blitz”
  • Added an achievement list screen (in the Options)
  • Corrected all maps for episodes 2 & 3
  • Most of the weapons for episodes 2 & 3 are now acquired earlier
  • Artillery will now spread fire when exploding
  • Corrected some bugs with final boss (it could sometimes stop moving)
  • Only 6 weapons can be selected now
  • Save file from demo version will be copied to full version on first launch

Alien Blitz is not in beta status anymore ! I have almost finished the full version, I just need to create the first Android release, and test it. During the test period I will continue working on the PC version. And finally, I will release both version at the same time (PC+Android version on Desura, and Android only version on Google Play Store).

My plans are as follow for now:

  • Free Android version (with ads, top view only) contains only episode 1, I might add more episodes latelly (depending on success)
  • Paid Android version (no ads, top view only) contains all 3 episodes, should be around 1.99$ (1.50 €)
  • Demo PC version (top & isometric views) will now contain full episode 1 (it was just a single level before)
  • Full PC version (top & isometric views) will contain all 3 episodes + level editor, and give you access to the full Android version  (through a download link to the APK file)

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