Alien Blitz b749

Alien Blitz b749 has been uploaded on Google Play

  • (bug) corrected a bug if locking phone just after launching game
  • (bug) corrected a bug when getting an achievement
  • Reduced time to lock monster when using shoot button
  • Increased a bit performance on mono core devices (less particles)

(update) Alien Blitz b751 has been uploaded on Google Play

  • Reduced money gain in easy mode
  • Increased money gain in all mode
  • Displayed mines money production on end of level screen

I’ve bought a new phone, a Wiko Cink Peak (chinese import low price phone), it’s very good, and has very good performance, I’m very happy with it so far. It allowed me to recycle my Xperia Ray and downgrade it to Android Gingerbread, so now I have 3 test environments:

  • Xperia Ray: small screen (3.3″), mono core, Android 2.3
  • Wiko Cink Peak: medium screen (4.5″), dual core, Android 4.0
  • Nexus 7: tablet (7″), quad-core, Android 4.2

It’s perfect as it is, of course it doesn’t allow me to test all possible android devices, but I still have a decent environment.

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