Alien Blitz b748, end of beta and upcoming plans

Alien Blitz build 748 has been uploaded on Google Play

  • Added a background on all screens, it comes from Premium Pixels
  • Increased explosion range of Missile launcher (and other explosives weapons that inherits from it)
  • Corrected a bug on mono-core devices (player was invisible)

I think Alien Blitz beta will end soon, it will reach the final release (episode 1) status soon

Upcoming plans:

  • Add an ad-free version of Alien Blitz (episode 1 only for now)
  • Finish correction of the PC/isometric version
  • Finish controller integration on PC
  • Finish conversion of episodes 2 & 3 (for PC first)
  • Publish updated version on Desura
  • Promote
  • Work on episodes 2 & 3 (Android) and the ad-free full version

I have plans to resurrect my old snake game Kleum for Android, it’s still WIP but it might not take that long to create it (I was using it as POC for my engine before working on Snorms, so a lot of work is already done) and it could help me testing some features (high score management, new UI system based on JavaScript,…)

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