UI update, better performance and new map format

2013-02-13 19.49.03


Some more updates:

  • I’ve combined all buttons on the left in single one called “menu”, it will also pause the game. Other UI elements have also been moved.
  • I had some problems detecting invisible cubes, those are now corrected, as a side effect  it reduced loading time, and corrected some lighting issues. I love this kind of side effect.
  • Introduced a new compressed map format, when saving a file in the level editor it will now save two files, the original one, and a new one, gzipped and with some misc optimizations. Only the uncompressed file can be read by the level editor

By the way, I didn’t manage to fully keep the isometric view compatibility so far, there are a few glitches, but it can be repaired.

So I should be able to release a PC/Mac version that adds the top view as the default view, and users will still be able to play the old isometric view if they want. I will work on this version after the initial Android beta release. It will take quite some time as I will have to update all the maps if I want the top view to be the default one (or maybe I will just release a first version with the top view available as beta). The PC version will have some more features than the Android version : dynamic lighting, 60fps, textures,…

At the moment I can’t get 30fps on my phone, it is around 15-30fps, but it’s playable, and might be enough. The nexus 7 tablet has no problem at 30fps.

Capture du 2013-02-13 21:56:42

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