Phone tests results, new controls

Capture du 2013-02-18 18:27:35

I’ve tested the Android version on two new phones lately :

  • Sony Xperia S: almost ok, some lags sometimes (20-30 fps) but the phone had a lot of garbages and apps running in the background
  • Sony Xperia T: perfect

I guess I will have to remove particle effects or small things like that if FPS are too low on some phones, and it should be good. It seems I had problems detecting dual-core on the Xperia S, I will have to change the method used.

I had a friend testing the game, and he had problems with the controls, so I have made some changes:

  • Bigger buttons
  • No right stick, the player will now shoot in the direction he is facing, and the aim assist as been increased
  • Added a new button to auto-lock the nearest monster, clicking on it twice will unlock any locked monster (even if locked by touching the screen)
  • Bigger text and buttons in menus
  • Temporary lock while shoot button is held down (if no monster was locked before)

And there are some changes in the gameplay itself:

  • No more barrel/clip/propellant upgrades, they will be increased automatically with the weapon level, which makes the armory screen a lot easier to understand now
  • No more quick shoot, but the default reload time has been slightly reduced
  • No more stamina, only life/armor/damage multiplier are available @ level up
  • The player speed is now fully dynamic, based on the stick distance from the center (and stamina is not used anymore when sprinting)
  • I’ve made the levels more flat

And other changes:

  • Some more optimizations, on the nexus 7 the game is now @50-60fps and on my xperia ray it is @20-40fps (without frame-cap of course, final version will be capped @30fps)
  • New end of level screen, lots of stuff removed, it is more clear that way
  • Corrected bad sound when power up was decaying (old bug)
  • Corrected pause/resume by hardware key on Android
  • Removed lots of very old code, that was used when the game was supposed to be a browser game, it’s a good thing I didn’t continue that way, Java applets had lots of security issues lately

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