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Today  is a very nice day (even if day has almost ended), I have finally been able to play quite smoothly on my phone (sony xperia ray) !

The major issue I had was that this phone has a single core CPU, and somehow the priority was given to the render thread, not the game engine thread. So I moved the game engines to the libgdx render thread, and this is a lot better. I’ve also changed the UPS (Update Per Second) of some engines, now the monsters and sprites are now running at 15ups, the particles are still running at 30fps as they are the one that need to be updated the most often.

Capture du 2013-02-09 23:51:26

  • Added an option for resolution on android, by default width is set to 800px width for all devices, if device supports more than 800px then the user will be able to change the width accordingly.
  • Added an option to remove auto aim (if you are very good with the stick)
  • Improved the level editor, it now works a lot better with mini cubes and I’ve corrected most of the problems I had with all the last updates
  • Improved some very CPU consuming stuffs, usually happening when a map has lots of entities
  • Added a more reliable way to do secret area, now they will be invisible until you walk on them
  • Player will no longer sink into lava, but it will kill him more quickly
  • Player speed has been slightly reduced (Android only) as it’s a bit more difficult to react quickly with virtual sticks
  • Maps e01m01, e01m02 and e01m03 have been reviewed (top view compliant, more details,…)
  • Lots of bug corrections and small improvements again

I’ve “imagined” a new plan for the game, maybe I’ll change my plans again later. First I will release a free version of episode 1 (with ads), and I will see if people enjoy it or not, and might change my plans accordingly. Then, with current plan, episodes 2 and 3 will be added to this free version, and I will also release a full version without ads at a low price. The major benefits of this version will be something like:

  • Possibility to activate textures
  • Possibility to activate 60fps mode (for high performance devices)
  • Possibility to download and play custom maps, from a central online map database (user submitted files from the PC version, or my own maps)
  • Game modes will be enabled (quick reload, fully destructible,…)

So the paying version and the free version will have the same main content (3 episodes, all the weapons, all the monsters,…) but the ad-free paying version will have some “extra” stuff and some more cpu consuming features for those who want to activate them.

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