Misc update (Android)

Capture du 2013-02-07 16:49:56


  • Sounds are now preloaded at startup, so that there is no lag during gameplay when the sound is first played
  • Some graphical elements are now preloaded during map loading, in order to avoid small lags too
  • Jump button is now working
  • Quick shooting button is now working
  • Running and quick shooting using sticks has been added (activated when stick is far from the center position)
  • As a temporary solution pressing the weapon button will switch to next weapon
  • Map file format has changed, it is now easier for me to work with. Compatibility with old format has been kept, I may remove it in the future.
  • Loading time has been improved, it now takes around 15-20 seconds to load the second map, it could be enough for now
  • The name of the game will be changed, I had some good suggestions, I won’t reveal which name I choose yet
  • Removed some particle effects on Android
  • Removed some lighting effects on Android
  • Lots of bug corrections and other small improvements

I worked on improving loading time for a few days, it is now acceptable for a first beta version, so I can at least work on some gameplay elements, it’s a lot more interesting ! The game is very interesting to play on Android, I still need to make it a little more “user friendly” with touch screens but it’s already a lot more playable than a lot of games on the market (in my opinion).



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