Improved depth, release script, release 1.1-b559

2013-02-19 16.59.36

  • Depth is now easier to see, around walls there are small shadows, to indicate the height difference, sadly it slightly increases loading time
  • Increased global brightness
  • Improved performance again, drawing is around 2 times quicker than before
  • The release script has been updated, I can now have the Snorms library released separately (platform independent), and the Snorms android project is released at some other point (with Android specific stuffs, it’s only a very small project). I had some troubles with obfuscation as the android project is depending on the obfuscated library, but it should be ok now.
  • Updated game icons
  • Added ad support using AdMob (google), a full screen ad will be displayed during game loading, it should be good that way, as loading is just some useless time for player

As a result first release has been built today, it is the 1.1b559 (as it continues counting from Snorms versions), there are still a few things to change before actual beta release, but we are almost there ! Once I corrected these last small problems I will send the game to some friends for review, then I will make changes if they see errors or have ideas to submit.

During this time I will try to update some side-stuffs:

  • Update website
  • Reserve the url domain (and make the game name public)
  • Update graphical stuffs (logo,…)

And if I get bored with these stuffs I will also try to update some more levels.

In conclusion, I might be able to release the first public beta release before the end of the week.

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