Even more updates

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There have been a lot of small changes lately, I can’t remember them all, here are some:

  • Ammos and bonus are now bought in-game, ammos are more expensive than before, but there is a little more of them in levels
  • Added a map button, where you can buy the map level, buying the map will reveal all zones, and display money boxes % and secret %. Map price changes depending on the current level.
  • UI has been reviewed, button placement are now correct
  • You can now cycle through available weapons at the bottom of the screen, the selected weapon icon changes when weapon  is reloading
  • Removed some menus for Android, in order to make navigation easier
  • Removed sight upgrade for weapons, it is now automatically upgraded with your weapon level, as it was not used only for sight, and it’s use was not meaningful
  • Map e01m04 has been reviewed
  • Shotgun is now available at the beginning, and other weapons are available at different places than before
  • The player sprite is a bit bigger, other sprites have been reviewed too
  • Storyline has been reviewed, and texts have been corrected
  • Border are now 2 pixels
  • Even more bug correction and performance improvements

I have finished lots of items from my “to-do list”, the biggest thing remaining before initial beta release are:

  • Reviewing maps e01m05 and e01m06
  • Updating my release scripts to build the APK
  • Updating my website (I will buy a new interface and combine snorms.com and microbasic.net into one site)

So things are going quite quickly, a friend of mine should bring me some phones to test this week, I hope everything goes fine…

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