Android limitations, at least for a beta release

After a few tests I’ve finally decided to apply a major limitation for the Android version compared to the PC version, there will be no texture for the floors/walls. Currently removing textures reduce level loading time by 2 (from 53sec to 26sec on my test map), and this is just by removing textures during rendering, textures are still loaded in memory, so I think I will be able to reduce loading time even more, I hope I can get it around 10-15sec for an average map (an average map is usually played in 10 minutes, so it should be ok).

Currently I’ve just applied a very basic algorithm that replace the texture by its average color, here what it looks like:

Capture du 2013-02-01 02:37:16

Of course I will have to use a “personalized” color map, I’ll first try to hard-code a color to replace each texture, if it doesn’t work I will have to change map format and update all existing maps, which is not a big deal as I have to review them for the top view anyway.

I don’t know yet if it will always be that way, maybe I’ll add an option to activate texture, activating them will almost have no impact during game, but loading will be slower…

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