Alien blitz build 613, the amoled fix ?

Alien Blitz has been updated

  • Lowered contrast on most textures and made some small changes to tile borders, in order to try to correct some problems with AMOLED screens
  • Renamed resolution, it is now called zoom
  • By default zoom is now set to minimum now (native screen resolution)
  • Small changes on most maps (textures change)

It seems there are some textures flickering on AMOLED screens (HTC one S), so I’m trying some tricks to avoid that problem, I guess it won’t be easy to fix.

I’ve found a way to help me testing the game on low performance devices (such as my phone) without having to actually compile Alien Blitz every time I need to do a test, I am using a low performance fanless computer I was using some time ago as a server. It has a VIA processor @532mhz (yea, 0.5ghz) and some king of graphical card that supports OpenGL (Via cle266). Sadly graphical card does not seem to support textures bigger than 512×512 pixels, so I can’t see some UI elements in the menu, but it’s ok as I know what menus look like and textures in game are maximum 512×512.This computer is a bit slower than my phone, but not that much, so it’s perfect for testing, I just have to link it to my eclipse build folder, and testing stuffs is very easy and quick. I didn’t think I could have a use for this computer anymore. I also tested on my netbook, but it is way too powerful 🙂
*edit* This computer was using Ubuntu 10.04, I had to update it to 12.04 in order to correct a bug with samba client, and now all textures seem to work, but framerate is around 0.01 fps…. seriously linux ??? I guess I’ll give a try to windows then, or downgrade to 10.04 and use a non samba share.

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