UI Updated and other stuffs

The UI has been reviewed a lot in order to be more “finger friendly” 🙂

Capture du 2013-01-16 18:30:47


  • The font now comes in two sizes, the biggest one is used for most buttons
  • I rewrote most of the UI elements (buttons, checkbox,…), I’ve used (or taken inspiration from) Solid UI Kit is by Alvin Thong from Sixbase
  • Buttons are a lot bigger now, fingers are a lot less accurate than mouse 🙂
  • Sliders and checkbox are also bigger, but they won’t be a lot used on Android I think (Options will be very limited)
  • I’ve reviewed most of the frames/ui screens, some elements have disappeared (no software mode anymore for example), and others have been rearranged
  • I also wrote new screens for Android (no main menu, no save slot selection, new option screen,…)
  • This also means there will be some limitations on the Android version as I don’t want the users to get lost in the menus, for example I removed the save slot selection, it means there will be only one slot available on Android.
  • Added support for custom resolutions (a popup will ask you the resolution) and all resolution changes (including fullscreen mode) are now done without restarting the game. If selected resolution is not supported in fullscreen mode, then the checkbox will just be disabled.
  • The game window is now resizable, it will change the display size, not stretch the game
  • The difficulty setting has been reviewed, there’s now a new difficulty setting called Nightmare
    • Easy: monsters have a lower level than normal
    • Normal: play the game as intended
    • Hard: more monsters (same level as normal mode)
    • Nightmare: replaces old hard mode, same monsters as hard but they have an higher level (maximum between base level + 30 and player level + 30) and they may upraise when player uses checkpoint, it is still unlocked by completing map e01m13 of episode 1, and it can now also be unlocked by completing the episode 3. The super secret weapon is still only available in this mode.

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