Sound is back

I have finally managed to get sound working again. It has been more difficult than expected and I finally ended up not using LibGdx for sounds. As I already mentionned LibGdx is not capable of playing sounds from input stream, it is also not capable of doing simple things such as checking if a sound is currently being played or not, and furthermore it can’t play “3d” sounds.

Sadly OpenAL seems to not be working very well on Android, so I can’t use it. But I have a solution that I think should work pretty well:

  • I will stick to Slick on PC, it is using OpenAL, it is capable of doing everything I want and the game doesn’t have to be a slick application to play sounds
  • On Android I will just use the standard audio objects from the SDK, I think there will be limitations, but it should be ok for a tablet/smartphone device (where sound is not a very big issue)

I have also switched to ogg format, this means Snorms is not anymore compatible with Applet mode, so Applet (online demo version) will disappear (it’s not a big deal, Applet is outdated and bad quality).

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