Snorms top view

Quick update about the top view for Snorms !

Things are going pretty well, the top view makes new things possible that could be nice, here’s a screenshot of work in progress :

  • I’ve used the swapco guy skin for the player, it’s pretty nice, I could use that sort of sprite, with walking animations and different sprites for guns, it could be pretty nice and would suit more my initial idea for the player skin.
  • There are borders around sprites, currently I’ve added borders to all sprites, I will remove them for decorative sprites (lights and such) for others it’s nice
  • I’ve removed the textures for tiles, I will bring them back later
  • I did not change any map yet, so they still have too much height to be playable
  • Light engine should be changed, so that lights don’t light walls (it was ok and intented in isometric view, but its now useless in top view)
  • As particles are still generated in all 3 dimensions, I need to remove some of them because there are too much
  • I think height will be simulated by shrinking sprites, it could be nice (when jumping or throwing grenades for example)

So far things are going pretty quickly and I have been able to keep isometric view compatibility, so maybe isometric view will just be an option when it’s done. I think I will be able to release a working version in a few weeks, I will release it first for PC, and later for Android. I know I will have troubles on Android as I use quite a few features of Java2D (even in OpenGL mode) that I will have to code myself or use Android equivalents.

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