Updated screenshot and info:



  • I’ve worked mostly on rotating sprites today, I was just using a basic aliased rotation algorithm that had pretty bad results before (for non 90° angles). I’ve looked for some algorithms but couldn’t find anything that could keep a good “pixelised” look, so I’ve tried using RotSprite with pretty good results, problem is that RotSprite is closed-source / non-batch compatible, so in order to avoid lots of repetitive manual tasks I had to do some work to automate most of the tasks. Now it’s done and working pretty well (basically I retrieve all sprites and insert them in a single big image, then this image is rotated thanks to RotSprite, and finally from the resulting image I extract all the sprites, apply 90° rotations, and put them in their final format).
  • I’ve corrected lights, it seems okay now
  • I’ve also added textures for floors and walls, problem is that they might be too bright and it can be hard to differentiate sprites and floors, I will see what I can do to improve that
  • Isometric compatibility is still kept for now
  • I plan on removing Slick2D for opengl management as I use only a few features and I can’t get ride of some random bugs (class or resources that can’t be loaded when using it, without it it’s perfect)

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