Updated screenshot and info:

  • I mostly worked on the player sprite today, it’s now some sort of armor guy/meccha, like I wanted to do first, it suits sounds a lot better and looks pretty nice. I’ve added walking animations (sorta like old gta games), firing sprite, sprint sprite, and jump sprite. I might also add more sprites depending on the weapon currently in hand.
  • Buttons (regular or key cards) now have a lighting effect, so that they can easily be seen (and of course light color depends on the key card color needed)
  • I’ve changed some sprites so that they look better in top view (some are now kinda top-down view to look better, but that’s ok I think)
  • Floors that are not at same height as the one player is currently on are a lot darker
  • I’ve corrected a bug that could happen quite randomly that was almost freezing (lagging a lot) the game
  • I began removing dependency to java.awt (used by java2d) to ease android development

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