New plans !

Happy new year ! Bonne année !

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about future games I would like to develop and I had a great idea for Snorms.

Currently people who have been playing Snorms usually love the gameplay but not the graphics and the perspective view. Biggest problems with perspective view are :

  • It’s difficult to render distance, I used brightness and dark borders to make things easier, but someone new will almost always be confused
  • Movements are a bit tricky
  • Graphics need to be adapted, and it’s quite hard to do

So I’ve imagined what could Snorms look in a top view, and I must say it could be quite good :

  • Graphics are a lot easier to do, as in top view you can just see the top of the monsters/players/…
  • At first I will just use current graphics, but viewed from top, that could be easily done thanks to the last changes I did regarding qubicle format. But then I will adapt them to look better.
  • Controls will be a lot easier as pressing the up key will really make the player go to the top of the screen
  • Controls could be adapted to joystick
  • Only 3 height levels could be shown, the current one, one below (darker) and one above (lighter), so maps will have to be modified a little but not that much
  • And finally, least but not last, the game could run on Android !

The last point is very important, as this would mean I can make a full game for android (lots of guns, different monsters, maps, balancing is already done,…) quite quickly. I was imagining we could control the direction of the tank/ship thanks to a virtual joystick, and two buttons for firing and moving (a third button to jump when needed). Clicking (taping) the screen would trigger buttons and doors, and aim directly at monsters.

I will give that idea a shoot during next days, this has become my first priority as I can get results very quickly, which is very motivating.

If this works, then this game will be Snorms v2.0, it’s not a Snorms 2 or something like that, it’s just a new version of Snorms engine (main quest will be the same). As I can’t easily have the old perspective view and the new top view going at the same time, it means the old view will disappear, but Snorms v1.1 will continue to exist and be updated if needed. Of course I won’t double-charge people who already own Snorms, both versions will be available to everyone.

As for the Android version, I think price will be lower in order to adapt to Android market. Maybe I will make the first episode free with ads, and the last 2 available at low price. Those who buy (or who have already bought) the PC version will get the ad-free full Android version for free (will only works this way).

I’ll keep you updated, I’m very excited about this idea 🙂

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