Today I began using LibGdx instead of Slick2d. So far it’s pretty good, thanks to the level of abstraction I added to Snorms and its engine it has been pretty quick converting most of the game.

The only “bad” thing I could see for now is that LibGdx forces using File for loading audio, which I don’t like as I use streams everywhere in my engine in order to get a good level of abstraction.

LibGdx is a bit more complex than Slick2d for some operations as it’s more OpenGL oriented, but it seems to be faster “out of the box” than Slick2d. I know with Slick2d there can be good optimizations to be done, but I tend to get lost in the documentation, and I think LibGdx community is bigger than Slick2d to get help.

I also tried playing with Canvas on Android, but I get pretty bad framerate (just when trying to display a few hundreds of images) and I can’t really get them to be hardware accelerated (when they are accelerated performance is even worse)

Updated screenshot (sorry, bad quality):

This is Snorms running on my Xperia Ray, horrible framerate, but no optimization have been applied at all (and some dirty hacks are used to facilitate LibGdx conversion).

Now I will finish conversion to LibGdx and I will begin optimizations.

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