It can be done!

Today is a good day, I am now 80% sure Snorms can be made playable on Android, it’s still not perfect but a lot of progress has been made lately:

  • There will be limitations on Android devices, now I can be pretty sure about that
  • There is no dynamic lighting, this means weapons and monsters won’t change light around them.
  • The whole area will be revealed (except for secret passages) from the beginning
  • These changes make it possible to pre-load all the graphics for a level at level loading, this makes loading slower, but increase performance during game
  • I’ve added two virtual joysticks, for movement and shooting, it works pretty well, I will still have to adjust a few things, but it can work (joystick area of effect is bigger than the joystick image)
  • Currently the movement joystick is limited to 45° angles, it makes it easier to move inside levels
  • Somehow it is still a bit hard to be accurate when shooting, I will have to investigate that
  • The framecap is currently 20fps, I have not tried 30fps yet
  • The game is almost playable, I could finish a level quite nicely, there are still a few garbage collectors left, but a lot less than before
  • There are still some random crashes with no explanation (the only thing I can see in the logs is that other android app crashes while I can still play, and suddenly Snorms crashes too)

2013-01-26 20.41.41


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