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  • I tried playing a bit with gamepad, I must admit the hardest part was to try to fix my razer gamepad, as it continuously sends bad inputs to the PC, but that being said Snorms could quite easily be played with a gamepad on PC/Android device (thanks to gdx controller extension), it would work almost like the classic Android controls. I might work more on this part when I have time (the hard part is the gamepad configuration, choosing axis/buttons/sensitivity in an option window)
  • The way camera is handled on Android has changed a bit, as the screen is quite small the camera will not be centered on the Player, but in front of it. Of course the movements need to be smooth, even if player is continuously facing random directions. It works pretty well so far.
  • Sound is now handled a lot better on Android, I used the SoundPool class provided by the SDK, it’s very nice.
  • Lots of small bug corrections, I still have problems with the level editor (can’t save levels…) and other random bugs in the game (such as the monster managing to climb walls for no reason…)

I’ve decided to change things in the game design itself, such as:

  • Removing the gun, it will be replaced by the shotgun at start
  • All the weapons from episode 1 will be acquired at a different time now (a bit earlier)
  • I’ll introduce a new weapon to replace gun, I think it will be some sort of heavy machine gun, slow to fire at start, then very quick until you stop shooting. I will put it in the secret level of episode 1 as there is no reward in it at the moment (except unlocking nightmare mode), or maybe I’ll put it in another place, not sure yet.
  • The “story” might change, I’ll keep the main storyline (saving the world) but remove or change some small useless elements (saving the carpenter, less dialogs,…)

On the Android version all discovered weapons will be available at any time during game (sorted by last usage, or something like that), and bullets might be bought only from in game menu (at high price). This will remove some menu windows and might makes things a bit easier to understand. This will make things a bit easier, but as it’s harder to change weapons than the PC version (no mouse wheel) it should be ok.

I hope I will be able to release an alpha version of Snorms for Android in (at least) 2 weeks, if I can manage to finish remaining tasks:

  • Reducing loading time (the hardest part I think)
  • Removing lags in game (there are still some when there are lots of particle, and random others)
  • Finishing all menus
  • Changing game design as stated above
  • Updating at least the 6 first maps for top view
  • Updating the player sprite, I want it a bit bigger and more visible
  • Updating the release script for Android with obfuscation
  • And misc stuff (finishing zooming feature, making invisible secret area,…)

I don’t know yet how it will be distributed, it will be at least available on my website, maybe on desura if they accept apk, and I’ll look for alternative android markets (I will post on the official market only after beta)

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