Android !

Here’s a very nice screenshot:


This is Snorms running on my Nexus 7 tablet !

This is the very first capture of it, so it’s not playable at all right now, there’s no way to control anything or go into the menus yet, no music/sound and the frame-rate is horrible. But still, in only a few hours today I have managed to get the first version running, so it’s very good news! I must admit it’s also thanks to Slick Android Edition (SlickAE) that I could convert Snorms that fast, I still don’t know if I will continue using Slick2D, but at least I have something to work with.


  • I got rid of most of the java.awt dependencies, depending on the objects I had to create new ones (Color, Rectangle,…) or make some abstract class (for image loading)
  • Lots of code refactoring, I will have to make sure nothing is broken now
  • Thanks to this I think I will be able to reduce memory consumption (which is good for tablets and phones)
  • I began working on updating maps for top view, so far for episode 1 two out of 13 are updated. This usually means flattening map, removing colored buttons (to replace them with colored doors), changing windows, changing destructible walls texture,… I am also adding some details and new rooms.

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