Android controls

Here’s a picture of how I am imagining controls on android device for Snorms



  • A virtual stick to choose direction, it will only change the direction the player is facing
  • Two mains buttons:
    • Walk: will walk in current direction
    • Shoot: will shoot in current direction
    • You can press both at same time, but it’s not very usefull
  • Three sub buttons:
    • Run: will run in current direction (uses stamina, like pressing shift key)
    • Quick shoot: will shoot at higher rate (uses stamina, like pressing shift key)
    • Jump: will jump, most of the jumps will be automatically done
  • Two utility buttons
    • Weapons: will open a menu to change active weapon
    • Bonus: will open a menu to activate a bonus
  • Tapping on the screen will trigger different action according to whatever is under where the user has tapped
    • Enemy: the enemy will be locked, it means when you shoot player will automatically face the enemy to shoot in its direction, it will facilitate aiming.
    • Door, button: the object will get activated
    • Nothing special: if lock is on, it will unlock, else it will shoot in this direction

It seems these controls could work pretty well, depending on the strength of the enemy player will be able to choose between lock mode or free mode (for example small but numerous enemies will be easier to kill in free mode, but a boss will be easier to kill in lock mode), and I think player will not have to tap screen too much, so the screen can almost always be seen.

About screen size, I will first target my phone resolution/screen/cpu (Xperia ray, 854*480, 1ghz cpu) which is smaller than all resolutions currently available for snorms, so it “should” run smoothly. Then I will try to target my tablet (Nexus 7, 1280*800, 1.3 ghz 4 core) which is around 10% bigger than the current maximum resolution. But whatever the resolution is, the game will always be “pixel perfect”, it means the game area will get bigger (like it does on PC), graphics won’t be stretched.

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