Android controls

I began working on controls for the Android version, I’ve changed a bit my plans since the first mockup:

Capture du 2013-01-27 19:04:45

  • I’ve noticed that on a tablet it’s quite easy to shoot by just touching the screen, so users might prefer this system, even more when there are loads of small monsters. I don’t know how it will work on phones yet (and my phone’s screen is a bit small for playing games, so it’s not relevant)
  • Controlling the right stick for shooting is not easy as it’s not accurate, so I’ve added an auto-aim system to it, it will look for monsters in the specified direction, and auto aim at the nearest one. It also allows shooting up and down if needed
  • When an enemy is locked (by touching it) the 2 buttons shoot/quick shoot will appear, and pressing them will shoot in the direction of the locked monster. The locked monster currently has a red rectangle around it.
  • I’ve moved these two buttons to the right of the screen, I think it’s easier to use them when they are there
  • The information panel (life/armor/ammos) is now on the top-right of the screen, it’s easier to see it as there are usually fingers on the bottom part of the screen
  • I’ve removed again some Java Object instantiation to speed-up a bit the game
  • There are huge differences when dealing with Pixmap from LibGdx on computer or Android, especially regarding it’s internal buffer. So I’m working mostly on that, in order to have best performance on both environment (making parts of the code environment-specific)

It’s quite fun playing on a tablet, I have no idea if I will have more users than the PC version, but at least I enjoy even more playing on the tablet than PC, so it’s promising. Sadly it still crashes a bit too much at the moment to be fully playable.

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