2013 planning

Hello everyone !

Long time no post again, I have been able to get some free time to work on games again, so I can (hopefully) make plans for year 2013. I still don’t know how much time I will be able to spend on game programming, but I hope I’ll have a least a few months.

The first game I am working on is a game I already mentioned earlier,  it will be an android & browser game based on Pokemon, La brute and that sort of games. I will publish a first early alpha version within next days for you to try, it doesn’t have that much content yet, it’s kind of a proof-of-concept.

I hope I will be able to publish a beta version by the end of February, depending on time I will be able to spend on programming.

Then depending on the beta success, I will start working on a second game idea I had, this time the game will be for android & pc/mac, it will be based on a game I loved on Palm OS :  “Space trader”

As for Snorms I don’t have any plan yet, some people reported bugs with last versions, I will try to check that, but as this game cost me a lot and is not a success, I doubt I will spend lots of time on it, just bug fixing (I stopped working on the multiplayer part and new graphics)

See you soon 🙂

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