Snorms 1.1

Snorms 1.1 is now available (build 528) !

  • Graphical renderer choice
    • Software : old renderer, no 2d acceleration
    • OpenGL : new renderer (default one), it uses 2D OpenGL acceleration, increase performance, uses less CPU, but could not work well on old card or integrated 3d card (in this case you should use the software renderer)
  • 60 fps mode : use it only on “good” computer (no more than around 2-3 years old), it will render better fast bullets, such as pistol, shotgun, rifle,…
  • Added smooth lighting option (activated by default), elements will now create a smoother light, activating this option will require a bit more cpu (but not that much)
  • Added support for multi texturing in one cube (4x4x4 mini cubes) and custom shapes by inserting mini cubes instead of big cube/shapes. It has been implemented in the engine and the level editor (use Tab key to switch tools), but is not currently used in Snorms levels, I will use to to make more “natural” landscapes. I will update levels to use this new feature in future updates
  • Lights are now a bit darker, but as I have corrected problems with brightness control, now it will render a lot better and you can adjust it as you want
  • Slightly increased max memory usage (768mb instead of 512), as last modifications seems to need a bit more memory (not really sure, but nowadays 768mb for a game is correct)
  • Optimized memory updates (less minor garbage collector, I was instancing around 1kk objects per second just for manipulating 3d coordinates, it has been reduced to around 1k)
  • Corrected game crash when dying
  • Corrected misc bugs

The biggest update is of course the OpenGL mode, I am using Slick2d to manage OpenGL, it’s a great library, I don’t use it as a game engine, but just as a graphical/sound/inputs engine, and it’s working pretty well. When switching from Software to OpenGL (and vise versa) it will reset keyboard configuration as Java and OpenGL don’t use the same key codes.

Some bugs or optimization problems could remain, I will correct them as soon as they are detected. And I will update version on Desura too.


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