Snorms 1.1.2

Snorms 1.1.2 (build 545) has been released !

  • Almost all maps have been edited to add more details, mainly outside buildings
  • New commands in level editor (or old commands that were undocumented yet)
    • MiniCube tool : press tab key multiple times to switch tools, with minicube you can insert/delete/pickup/draw lines/fill rectangles, other functions might not be working
    • Noise tool (N) has changed a bit
      • In minicube mode, pressing N will render a “natural” area (perlin noise), more detailed than normal mode
      • In minicube mode, pressing Alt+N will smoothen existing area
      • In minicube mode, pressing Ctrl+N will randomly mix border areas textures (if at same level)
      • In minicube mode, pressing Shift+N will randomly remove cubes on borders with no adjacent cubes
      • In non minicube mode, pressing Alt+N will remove noise so that the area is fully flat
    • Noise will now re-generate its seed only if you apply it on the same cube twice, if you apply noise once, then change cube (texture) the same seed will be used, so that cubes fits nicely together
    • Noise will now only be generated on tiles in the same “group” (same texture, connected to the cube at cursor position), it was generated on all the same textures in the full map before

This release is again to try to have a better looking game, I’m quite pleased with this minicube updates, I had to do it for a long time…

Hopefully this time I will at least publish it on Desura, update youtube gameplay video and add some new “artworks” for the website (thanks to qubicle).

*edit (22 oct 2012) *

Snorms 1.1.2 is now available on Desura !

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