Snorms 1.1.1

Snorms 1.1.1 has been released (build 540) on

  • Changed a bit rendering, now the floors above and below you will be darker, it makes “seeing” isometric view easier. Only applied in OpenGL renderer.
  • All sprites are a bit better rendered and I made their shadow a little darker to see them more easily
  • Reduced ammo given by monsters, it was too easy

Not a lot of changes, but the game looks a bit better now, so it’s good.

Internally I have made tools to convert my old sprites to Qubicle, and convert Qubicle exports to my internal format, that’s why I could easily change sprites shadows. Now that all the sprites are usable in Qubicle I will do some exports to have a better looking website, and I will try to change models to make them more “beautiful”, but as I am not good with graphical stuffs, I doubt I will make anything good, we will see 🙂


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